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The Ability Experience

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The Ability Experience Challenges are your way to help impact the lives of people with disabilities across the country while challenging yourself mentally and physically. These events are open to anyone that wants to challenge themselves in order to promote the abilities of all people. Through The Ability Experience Challenges events, we are providing opportunities for people of all abilities to come together to complete a common goal. Join us for a 5k, 10k, half marathon or a full marathon. Whether you decided to walk, run or roll, you can help provide an opportunity for athletes with disabilities to share in the same or similar experience. Funds raised through these events help provide people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in these event along side the rest of the participants!

Participant Benefits:

  • Professional training support from our friends at Benefitness Partners 
  • Event Registration Running shirt for training
  • Pre-race team celebration event
  • Running shirt for race day
  • Pre/post-race tent access (varies by event)
  • Opportunities to push Enabled Athletes (varies by event)
  • Fundraising support and incentives 

Check out the Ability Experience Challenges Signature Events listed below or choose your own event to help showcase the abilities of all people. For more information, please contact Andrew Matznick, director of program development, at challenges@abilityexperience.org or (980) 318-5387.

Signature Events

Signature Events offer you additional pre-event support and a VIP experience on race day. Benefits may vary slightly by event, but may include running shirts, a pre-race team dinner, access to start/finish line tent, bag check away from the crowds, food and drinks, and an opportunity to be a part of a team of pushers to help an athlete with a disability complete the event as well! The Cycling Event Ride Along will provide you with a fully supported ride and opportunity to participate in all of the team's activities for the day, including a Friendship Visit if one is scheduled.

Running Events  Distances  Location  Event Date  Registration  Registration Deadline 
Skechers Performance LA Marathon    5k, Marathon &  Relay   Los Angeles, CA   March 18-19, 2017   Register Now!   January 22, 2017  
Publix Georgia Marathon   Half Marathon & Marathon   Atlanta, GA   March 19, 2017   Register Now!   January 22, 2017  
Humana Rock 'n' Roll Chicago   5k, 10k & Half Marathon   Chicago, IL   July 15-16 2017   Register Now!   May 1, 2017  
Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn   Half Marathon   New York, NY   October 14, 2017   Register Now!   August 1, 2017  
Marine Corps Marathon   10k & Marathon   Washington, DC   October 22, 2017   Register Now!   August 1, 2017  
Geico Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas   5k, 10k, Half & Marathon   Las Vegas, NV   November 11-12, 2017   Register Now!   August 1, 2017  
Charlotte Marathon   5k, Half, Marathon & Relay   Charlotte, NC   November 11, 2017   Register Now!   August 1, 2017  
Cycling Events       Location   Event Date       Registration Deadline  
40th Anniversary Pi Alpha Ride Along       Richmond, VA   August 9-12, 2017   Register Now!   July 1, 2017  
Summer En Route Ride Along       Your Choice   Your Choice   Register Now!   Two weeks prior to ride  

Virtual Challenge Events

Virtual Challenge events allow you to choose your own event to impact the organization. If you cannot join a Signature Event team, then find a local event you want to complete, choose your fundraising goal and let The Ability Experience staff help you reach your goal. If you happen to be completing the same event as another Virtual Challenge participant (events listed below), we will be happy to put you in touch with other team members! All Virtual Challenge event participants will receive a training shirt, a running shirt for your event and staff support leading up to your event. Sign up now to take on your virtual challenge!

Event  Location  Event Date  Registration  
Hike It Up Blue Robertson, VA April 1, 2017 Coming Soon!