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The Ability Experience

Pi Alpha Events

Pi Alpha Events

A summer dedicating several days and weeks to serving others sets anyone apart from the societal norm. They are selfless individuals that put others before themselves. They are leaders that strive for excellence and don’t settle for mediocrity. They are Pi Alphas.

Pi Alphas are members of an elite society that have completed a summer event on behalf of The Ability Experience. These members successfully rode their bike across the country on Journey of Hope, trekked across Florida on Gear Up Florida, or completed an elaborate construction project on Build America. Over 1,500 Pi Kappa Phis are part of this exclusive club, which equates to less than 1% of the membership that make up all of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.

Pi Alphas are extremely dedicated to The Ability Experience and the success of the organization. The lifelong membership has brought these individuals back to The Ability Experience in many ways. 

Here are some opportunities for how Pi Alphas can stay involved:

The Ability Experience Challenges

Are you currently participating in any endurance events? Have you always wanted to participate in a triathlon, cycling race or run? If so, The Ability Experience Challenges is for you! Join The Ability Experience today in raising funds and awareness for people with disabilities while challenging yourself personally in an endurance event. The Ability Experience Challenges allows anyone, including non Pi Kappa Phis, the ability to compete unselfishly in endurance competition. Sign up today and continue to make an impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

To participate in The Ability Experience Challenges events click here.
To participate in the Marine Corps Marathon or 10k on behalf of The Ability Experience click here.

En Route Ride Along/Build Along

How many summers go by where you wish you could be back on the road  to climb one more hill just so you get to experience the epic downhill? What about waking up on a Saturday morning wishing you could be building a fishing dock for someone in need rather than mowing your own lawn? As a Pi Alpha, we encourage you to stop day dreaming about those times and get back involved with the Gear Up Florida, Build America or Journey of Hope this summer. The Ability Experience encourages you to share the experiences you once had years ago with the Pi Kapps that are having their lives changed today.

If you're interested in an En Route Ride Along with Journey of Hope or Gear Up Florida, please click here!

City Events

The Ability Experience has been hosting city events for a number of years, centered around our summer events. What better way to share some stories about your experience than with a bunch of fellow Pi Alphas. City events are always low-key and geared towards bringing Pi Alphas up to speed on what’s new with The Ability Experience. Every year we have events in Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and Washington, D.C. We also encourage fellow Pi Alphas to help organize events in their local area when teams come through. Keep a lookout for city events coming your way!

For more information about city events, click here.

The 77 Society

Pi Alphas have shown over the years to be the most dedicated individuals to The Ability Experience. They recruit chapter brothers for future events or participate in The Ability Experience events, Pi Alphas are always looking to further the mission of our organization. Advocacy on our behalf helps ensure brothers will have similar experiences that will have a profound impact on their lives and the lives of people with disabilities. For that, we are grateful.

Pi Alphas have also been the most committed donors to The Ability Experience, which has continued to sustain our organization and present new opportunities. The Ability Experience would like to introduce you to an opportunity called the 77 Society. The 77 Society is designed so our members can donate to The Ability Experience monthly. A recurring contribution to The Ability Experience will help ensure opportunities for future Pi Alphas and Pi Kapps from around the country the chance to participate in The Ability Experience events.

To become a member of the 77 Society, click here.

   77 Society