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The Ability Experience

Day 41 - Camp C.A.M.P.

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Today was a busy day for the team, but was also a very good one. The team started the day by getting right to work on finishing the petting zoo shelter. It took all morning, but after a lot of work and everyone helping, we got all of the fencing and side pieces up and secure. With the gates hung and the mini horses brought over, the job was complete. We all posed for a picture by the new structure then went back to the pavilion to meet campers for the final camp award ceremonies. Seeing all of the friends we made that week receive awards up on stage was very heartwarming and fun to watch. Saying goodbye to all of the friends we made was hard, but even harder was saying goodbye to our teammate CJ as he had to leave to the airport that afternoon. With hugs and tears all around, we all said goodbye as he, Jeff, and I headed to Austin Airport to drop him off.

After our last lunch with the remaining campers, we cleaned up the work site, inventoried the tools, vacuumed and removed decals from the vans, and cleaned out lodging. Ken was nice enough to sponsor our dinner that evening by buying pizza for us to eat poolside at the camp’s swimming facility. We had a lot of fun swimming and hanging out all together on our last night before tomorrow’s arrival in Austin. 


Ryker Belnap

Kappa Iota (Idaho)



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