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The Ability Experience

Day 40 - Camp C.A.M.P.

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Today marked many beginning to the end for our team. Wake up today was a different kind of wake up for the team. The tiredness was nonexistent, and the drive to work was like that of the first day. It was official, today marked the last full day of construction. After the past six weeks, today was the day to give it your all. Like the beginning of this journey at Victory Junction, we would end our construction efforts with the same fire in our hearts as we started with. From the five acre fencing pasture at Victory Junction to the boardwalk up the Rockies at RMV to painting the pavilion at Wonderland to the nature trail at Civitan and even the greenhouse frame at DHR to the miniature pony fencing at C.A.M.P., the knowledge of construction for each individual has grown tremendously and the impact on these six camps will be forever. The memories are forever, and a hammer now has found a special place into each teammate’s heart.

As the construction day ended, the team was given the opportunity to attend Princess Parties, where girls from all four tribes got to give us all makeovers! After the makeover sessions, brothers had the opportunity to dress up and help serve at the Pawnee Prom! Pawnee Prom was a dance specifically for the older campers who might have not of gotten the opportunity to attend a dance or prom, where there was a course meal and everyone dressed up! As some brothers were servers others dressed up for the occasion! At the end of the meal, we all came together and sang The Rose song to the Pawnee girls, officially making the special night even more specil for them. The final hoorah dance for the BAM team was incredible, full of laughter, smiles and goofy moves. After the dance, the team was invited to Star Light, a tradition that happened every week the night before campers departed.

After the team freshened up, we arrived at Star Light not knowing what was going to happen. As we formed a large circle in the middle of a field with the entire staff, the director  gave us the opportunity to light a giant star up. The idea of Star Light is to envision and look back on all the memories of the week, and realize how impactful each person was onto the campers. After six weeks, it seemed as though it was finally real where the trip was coming to an end, but the memories that we had as a team and individually on others was forever in our hearts. "Remember, when you look into the stars think and remember all those campers that you touched and how they touched your life too. No matter where you go, they'll always be there in your hearts."

Tyler Cabral

Iota Lambda (Quinnipiac)



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