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The Ability Experience

Day 39 - Camp C.A.M.P.

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Today we woke up at 7:15 am as usual. We headed to flagpole to sing camp songs before breakfast. Today we could really sense an added energy at flagpole, and it really was a blast!


On the worksite we continued working on the fence for the mini-horse pasture.  We finished everything except connecting the fence to the little petting zoo area that we have yet to finish constructing. It has been really rewarding to be making amazing progress every dat at Camp C.A.M.P.


For evening programming, the team went to messy night. We had a big paint and shaving cream war. The campers were very enthusiastic to get us a messy as possible.


As our trip is coming to an end we had an emotional ritual that the team does every year to reflect on the amazing summer. Most of the guys left in tears. It is crazy to think that we have less than a week together with our Build America brothers!


Jacob Hruska

Kappa Iota (Idaho)



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