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The Ability Experience

Day 38 - Camp C.A.M.P.

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Today, we had our second work day at Camp C.A.M.P.  Jeff and Ryker built a small wooden shelter to accommodate the turtle at the nature site.  A good-sized portion of the team worked on setting fence posts and reinforcing the fence in preparation for the fencing.  My team spent a lot of time working on waterfall project by laying down the liner on the lower half of the waterfall, shaping the top half with a large dirt mound and rocks, and laying rocks alongside the inside of the pond at the bottom.  The mini-horse shelter was nearly finished, and the bench-making crew managed to finish a few more benches today.

After dinner, some of the campers spent time at the lazy river and the pool, while others attended the camp messy night which consisted of using shaving cream, paint, and other messy items to draw, feel, or throw to each camper’s heart’s content.  I spent time with a few campers in the pool who wanted their counselor and me to throw them around in the pool.  I had a blast tonight, and I can’t wait to spend time with the campers tomorrow.

Ryan Billingsly

Epsilon Mu (Bradley)



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